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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to hire a car?

You need to be over the age of 18yrs and have held your full licence for over 2 years. You would also need a full credit card to cover the Insurance excess liability. Note - We do not accept Debit Cards to secure the insurance excess liability but we do accept it for payment.

Can I hire a car if I do not have a credit card?

Yes you can. If you do not have a full credit card then we would need a $500.00 bond + the estimated hire. You can pay for this by Cash, Eftpos or Debit card. Note - If you are under the age of 21 years then NZ$1900.00 + estimated hire needs to be taken. (21yrs and under your excess liability is NZ$3000.00)

Can I drive on a International Licence?

Yes you can drive on an International/overseas drivers licence providing they are presented in the english language. If not then english translation documents are required.

What do you class as a days hire?

Your days run on a minimum of 24hrs, which means if you pick up the vehicle at 8am then you need to return the vehicle by 8am on the next day or at the same time on the date of return. We do not do half a day. Note - Your 24hr day starts from the time you have the vehicle booked. This needs to be within office hours when picking up the vehicle from our Hamilton Depot.

Can I return the vehicle after office hours?

Yes you can. We have an after hour key drop situated by the gates down the side street entrance of our premises. To the left of the gate by the big tree next to the office hours sign is the key drop, It looks like a muffler.

Do I have to fuel the vehicle?

Yes. The vehicle is full of fuel when it goes out and they need to be return full of fuel. We do request the fuel receipt on return. Note - Surcharges do apply if this is not done.

What happens if I return the vehicle early?

There are no refunds for early returns unless it is agreed upon by both parties on booking of the vehicle, therefore rates may change.

What is GST?

GST stands for Goods & Services Tax. Most goods & services in NZ have gst added to the price of taxable goods. All of our commercial vehicles are

plus gst

which are stated on the rates of the vehicles it applies to. GST is 15%

When do I pay for the hire?

Payment is done at the time you pick up the vehicle, unless you are hiring a Truck, Cargovan or Ute where total cost is unknown until completion of the hire. The only time you would pay up front for the particular vehicles stated would be if you were putting down a bond + hire because you do not have a credit card.

Can I take the vehicle on the ferry between the North & South Island?

Yes you can at your own arrangement.

Are you open on Public Holiday's?

No we are not open on NZ Public Holiday's (If for some reason we had to be open additional charges would apply)

Can I pick the vehicle up from the airport?

Yes you can pick the vehicle up from the airport. We can assist with Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga & Rotorua Airports. Conditions & Additional Fees do apply.

Can I hire a car for a one way rental?

No we do not specialize in one way one day rentals. Minimum days do apply when dropping off the vehicle at other destinations.

Does the vehicle have insurance?

Yes, you have full comprehensive insurance included in the daily rate. Note - We do have other optional insurance offers to lower the risk of your liability. Stated on our website or please feel free to contact us.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down?

If you have a mechanical problem or any other issue with one of our vehicles please call our office straight away.